About Journey Box Media

A Journey Box is a container full of photos, journals, notes and artifacts collected from a journey to help people experience and understand that culture.  Journey Box Media believes that because we never arrive, there is always something to be learned from the journeys of others before us. There is always more to the mystery of life and God, and we aim to share that with others through film.


Too many Christian stories are safe...

We have seen that too often Christian media is afraid of mis-interpretation or leaving any room for imagination, so they wrap things up in nice, obvious packages. We think that makes for "safe" and less intriguing stories.

Stories are more powerful when imagination is allowed to enter. Many of the stories we hear from within the church are so censored and watered down that there is no room for mystery. Great stories take risks, and we strive to take risks in our media. We share inspiring and compelling stories through film and media to help develop the Christian culture to what it could be.


Why tell a story if it's safe?

Stories are intended to invoke the imagination and emotion. If a story doesn't move or inspire you, then there's no point in sharing it. We strive to create our stories with intrigue and inspiration in such a way that you are moved to change something about your life. And hopefully in doing so, you will pass that story on to others.

We hope to inspire you to live better and less safe stories!

Kevin O'Brien
President, Journey Box Media