Frequently Asked Questions

Why Purchase from
For the lowest price available you will get: no upcharge for HD content, all formats (both WMV for EasyWorship and MOV- ProPresenter and Mediashout), all versions available for video (with or without text and voice overs). *See product details for included versions.
Which Format is Best for Me?
As a general rule:
WMV is best for those using a Windows computer
Quicktime is best for those using a Mac
SD refers to Standard Definition (if your screen is more square than wide)
HD refers to High Definition (720) (or if you're projecting in wide screen)
PowerPoint: WMV Windows Media Player: WMV Keynote: Quicktime
ProPresenter: Quicktime MediaShout 4.5 (or higher): Quicktime or WMV MediaShout (older than 4.5): WMV
EasyWorship: WMV 
How Do I Purchase And Download a Product?
Begin by adding the product to your cart. When ready, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Once Checkout is complete, you can see all available media for purchase in MY DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCTS.
How is the File Delivered?
With each purchase you get access to all formats available. Quicktime (.mov) and Windows Media Video (.wmv). Files will download when clicked on. Some alternate versions and collections are available as a .zip file.
Can I buy your videos on DVD?
Nope, we only offer our videos by download.
How long after purchase can I download my product?
Once checkout is complete you will be able to download the products immediately from MY DOWNLOADABLE MEDIA.
Will the purchased product have a watermark like the preview?
Your purchased video file will not contain any watermarks.
Is a purchased video file different from the preview?
The purchased video file is the exact same length and content as the preview file. The only difference is a higher quality and without a watermark and with a license to show it in a public setting.
How can I use the products I just downloaded?
By purchasing and/or downloading our products, you or your organization acquire the rights to play our videos in various public and private settings, including church services, small groups and conferences. However, these videos cannot be broadcast via internet, television, or radio. It is unlawful to copy, duplicate, replicate, redistribute, or re-master any of our content.
How do I open a .ZIP file?
Once you have downloaded a file, simply double click on the file and your computer should automatically "unzip" the file. If not, you can right click and choose “expand,” or you may need the free "stuffit expander". A .ZIP file is a compressed file that will allow you to download from the store quicker than if the files were in their uncompressed form.
What is the resolution and format of the videos?
Our videos are very high in quality and resolution (720x480, 640x480 and 1280x720). We create these files with the best codecs available.
By purchasing this product, you agree that you will use it in your organization only. You also agree that any and all items included in this purchase may not be sold or redistributed in any capacity.