Christmas is almost here… are you ready?

If you’re looking to put some finishing touches on either your Christmas Eve service or your Christmas morning gathering, we have the perfect gift just for you! Scroll down to open your FREE present from Journey Box…

First up, we have a motion loop background that is perfect for those Christmas lyrics! It comes from our 2016 Christmas Release, Nativity, and while it works perfectly on its own, it would be SO NICE paired with Nativity in the context of a service.

Wait. What’s that, you say? You haven’t had a chance to watch Nativity yet?  Here- watch now!




Now that you’ve watched, here’s a preview of the Nativity Sky Loop that’s yours- for FREE!





And, in case loops aren’t your thing, OR you would also like a still image to use in your service, we’re also giving away the Nativity Sky still for free!



Merry Christmas from all of us at Journey Box Media!