Still trying to piece together your Christmas Eve service? Or looking for something to make it fresh and new?

We’re here for you. Below you’ll find a couple of service ideas using Journey Box videos that can be easily coordinated, and help your community connect to the Christmas story in a different way, maybe with a perspective they’ve never considered.


The Real Night Before Christmas

The Real Night Before Christmas is a whimsical video that relates a child’s anticipation of Christmas morning to the anticipation that Mary and Joseph must have felt as they awaited the birth of the Christ child. For your Christmas Eve service, we suggest creating a fun and joyous atmosphere that involves the children in your congregation.  Before the service starts, have stations set up in the auditorium with some art supplies and instructions for kids (of any age… encourage adults to participate as well!) to draw something they REALLY want this Christmas. You can pre-print paper ornaments for participants to use, and have them cut out and strings tied on them. Once they’ve completed their drawing, you can have a designated place for people to hang their ornaments (such as a garland hanging on the stage, or a Christmas tree that you set up ahead of time). This allows everyone to enjoy the artwork as the service progresses.

During the service, either as a bumper between worship and the sermon, or in the middle of the sermon, you can play The Real Night Before Christmas and make some comments to tie in the pre-service art project and anticipation of Christmas gifts to Mary and Joseph’s anticipation of Jesus being born.






Nativity is our 2016 Christmas release, and we think it’s perfect for Christmas Eve. It features a grandmother and her granddaughters setting up a nativity scene, and as they work, the grandmother speaks of the greatest story ever told. The word nativity comes from the Latin word that means “to be born”, and truly the nativity is the birthplace of hope. This video is a reminder of how God spoke and created, thus beginning the greatest love story ever told. We don’t often think about creation during the Christmas season, but the Christmas story actually began at creation!

We recommend using Nativity as a bumper after your worship song set, before the sermon, leading into a message about how God created the heavens and the earth, loves us deeply, and wants to be with us, no matter what it costs. And so, with the story of creation, it began- the story of Christmas, of a Savior, and of the hope that gives every heart a new beginning.