Cinema… what?

By now, you’ve probably heard about our new product line, Cinemagraphs. Some of you have excitedly jumped on board, and have already used a few of them in your services. Others of you may be scratching your heads and trying to figure out what exactly a cinemagraph is, and what in the world you would do with it.

I’m here to hopefully help you sort that out!

First, to answer “what is it?”…

A cinemagraph is a really interesting combination of looping video and a still image. It’s a video file that loops seamlessly, but it’s subtle. You may notice, for example, one flickering flame from a candle or steam rising from a cup of coffee in the image. At first glance, you may be tempted to write it off as another tired image for the screen, but then suddenly, your eye is captivated by the continuous motion.

Several of our cinemagraphs have versions that include unique, hand-drawn text, such as: Comfort Room or Offering. This helps you with the obvious intention for the image, but the beautiful thing is that we also include the image without text, so that they can also be used for other purposes.


For example, the Comfort Room image above could also serve as an announcement about your church nursery, a group for moms, or an upcoming baby dedication service.

Now, more importantly, let’s address the “what in the world do I do with it?” question.

Again, the possibilities are endless. I’m sure that, after you read this, you may think of uses that haven’t even crossed our minds. But I’d like to share with you a few ideas that we think are perfect for using cinemagraphs.

  • First, you can easily use cinemagraphs during the typically ho-hum portion of the service when you share upcoming events for your community. Yep, the announcements segment. Historically, every church staffer’s least-favorite part of the service, but a necessity in almost every circumstance. Add a little “wow” to your announcements by projecting a cinemagraph on the screen.


  • Next, you can throw several of the cinemagraphs into your pre-service loop that rolls between the time when you open the doors and the beginning of service. These mesmerizing images are sure to catch the attention of folks as they are waiting for service to begin.


  • Finally, when you purchase one of our cinemagraphs, you have permission to utilize it in your social media posts. That’s right- upload it right to Facebook or Instagram and watch how people engage with your posts! As we’ve mentioned before, cinemagraphs are the optimal social media visual. In fact, people are 85% more likely to click on a cinemagraph for more information than they are to click on a still image. That’s a huge gain. (And if you’re wondering about the specifics of using cinemagraphs on social media, stay tuned for a more in-depth tutorial on that in the coming days!)


We truly are excited about Cinemagraphs! We plan on introducing new ones frequently, and we would love to hear your suggestions. Can you think of any images that your church would use? Send us an email or post in the comments! Your idea just might be our next cinemagraph

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