The worship team is the emotional driver of the congregation. No one else has the skills to make church goers feel close to the Holy Spirit like the worship director does. Because we create beautiful videos for worship directors to use during the set, we know that dedicated worship directors like you are always trying to perfect their art of music and build a beautiful experience for members. We’ve put together this free resource guide for worship leaders to help you be more effective and inspire the crowd. 

Free Resource Guide For Worship Leaders

Re:Think Worship

Re:Think worship is hands-down one of the most helpful worship leader blogs out there today. Visit rethink worship frequently for service ideas, videos, seasonal stuff, and simple thoughts on the power of worship.

Worship Church Leaders

The Church Leaders blog is a powerful resource, and many of you are probably already subscribed. If not, take some time to look through all of the inspirational and practical tips they have to offer.

Free Songbook of 11 Songs from All Sons and Daughters

Free Songbook Download Link

You’ll have to enter in your email to get this one, but it’s worth it. This digital songbook includes lyrics and chords for 11 songs, including “You Will Remain” and “Christ Be All Around Me.”

Worship Together

Worship Together is an incredible place to learn from other worship leaders. Browse the extensive library of songs, or read through the blog for stories from other musicians.


Spotify Premium is a fantastic resource for worship leaders. Create a playlist for the beginning and end of the service, and browse through songs from new and old worship artists.

Master Writer

MasterWriter is a program that’s been specifically designed by songwriters, for songwriters. If you focus on writing your own worship music, check this out.

Free Album: A People Redeemed

This beautiful acoustic album is yours to listen to and download. Redeemer music is an acoustic group from Texas dedicated to helping missionaries over seas.

Inside Worship

Inside Worship has a beautiful collection of blogs, audio, visuals, and even events for Worship Leaders all over the globe.

Take a look through these links to see if there’s anything that sticks out to you and the rest of your worship team! Also please look through some of the loops that Journey Box Media has created for you to use during your worship set! Click on the image below to view some of our favorites.

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