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Just in time for the Easter season, we’ve released two new videos that work well separately, but were actually designed to work together.

Good News is a fresh take on the Easter Invite video that makes the connection between different types of “good news” we experience on a daily basis and “THE Good News” about Jesus.  It not only works as an encouragement to your community to invite their friends and family to Easter Sunday church services, but it also serves as a great year-round reminder of the Great Commission.  Watch it below:



The Risen Way tells the Easter story and discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb from Peter’s perspective.  It is a powerful story and poignant reminder that the power that resurrected Jesus from the grave is the same power that lives in us and helps us to overcome loss, defeat, doubt, and death.  Check it out below:



As you can see, the story of the discovery of Jesus’ resurrection and the hope it brought to His followers is woven in both videos and makes a powerful connection with the viewer.  


Here are some ideas for Good News:

  • We might suggest using Good News on Palm Sunday and reinforcing its’ message with a verbal call for your community to consciously extend an invitation to a friend, a family member, a co-worker, who might need to hear some Good News on Easter Sunday.


  • Another idea for Good News is to place blank cards on each seat before people arrive.  Before showing the video, ask everyone to take out their card.  On the card, have them write the best news they’ve ever received.  If time and format allows, maybe even give an opportunity for people to share what they’ve written.  When we’ve done this in the past, we place microphones on stands at the front and give people a sentence to finish; for example, “The best news I’ve ever received is _____”.  Then, ask a few volunteers ahead of time to be prepared to be the first few participants.  This will help set the tone and give a format for others to follow without setting your service up to go off the rails… ha!  Once the flow slows down, come back up and connect the good news to THE Good News, and then play the video.  At the end, verbally encourage people to invite others to church on Easter Sunday.


The Risen Way has a few different options:  

  • First, The Risen Way would make a powerful service opener as it takes viewers from a quiet, contemplative tone to the excitement of Peter and John discovering the empty tomb for themselves.  The end of the video is a great lead-in to a high-energy worship song about the power of the resurrection (think Tim Hughes’ “Happy Day” or Newsboys/Crowder’s “Like a Lion” or Israel Houghton’s “Resurrection Power”).


  • Another option for The Risen Way would be to use it as a sermon introduction, or a “bumper” between other elements and the beginning of the sermon.  It gives viewers an opportunity to think about areas of their lives where they perhaps need to see the power and hope and healing that Jesus offers.


  • The Risen Way could also be used as a means to introduce various characters in the resurrection story.  From Mary to Peter to John, each offers a different, yet equally valuable, perspective.  This video gives a glimpse of each character, but obviously focuses primarily on Peter’s relatable point-of-view.  


  • Finally, you could use The Risen Way at the end of the sermon.  As people enter the service, hand them a strip of natural-looking fabric (maybe gauze or burlap) to symbolize grave clothes.  Toward the end of the sermon, prompt them to pick up their fabric and hold it in their hands.  As they sit there, ask them to think of a time when they feel as though they let God down, or a decision that they made that they feel doesn’t deserve forgiveness.  Maybe put those two phrases up on the screen (Think of a time when you felt as though you let God down.  Think of a decision you made that you feel doesn’t deserve forgiveness (either from God or from another person) as a visual cue.  Give a few minutes for everyone to think, and then play The Risen Way.  At the end of the video, ask your community to bring their grave clothes to the altar (you could even build something to represent the empty tomb if you have the resources) to symbolize the forgiveness and healing that the resurrection empowers in their lives.


However you decide to use Good News and The Risen Way this Easter season, we think both will be powerful additions to your worship services.  And, best of all: through Sunday, March 13th, both videos (as well as all of our Easter videos!) are on sale for 30% off!


Click here to check it out now!

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