With You (I Feel Again) is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on for several personal reasons:

  1. We used a OneRepublic song… I mean C’MON!
  2. It challenged me as a director. I had never worked with 55 extras before.
  3. It’s message is clear but doesn’t beat you over the head.

I love it when God shows up in stories that don’t necessarily say his name. It reminds me how he is in control of everything, and he is the origin of joy, love, and healing.

Here are a few ideas that might inspire you to use “With You” in your next worship gathering:


Who’s On Your List?

Talk about a list that we all secretly keep: who we are unwilling to talk to. We all have this list, though we seldom talk about it. Share stories from the life of Jesus or the disciples that are examples of loving the unloved. End the message with a few moments of people writing their list on a card, followed by showing With You. End the day with an opportunity for people to throw their cards away as a commitment to love the unloved.


Small Group Push

As the new school year closes in, speak about the importance of community for getting through the hard times in life. Encourage people to take the scary step of inviting someone new into their group.


Promote ‘outreach’ ministries.

With You is about crossing generational gaps to show interest, love, and promote healing. Use it combined with a push for any number of ministry opportunities to show that age doesn’t keep you from loving people.

  • Youth Ministry
  • Kids Ministry
  • Senior Care
  • Community Arts Programs
  • After School Tutoring


Match Up Mentors

Perhaps you can use With You to start a mentoring program of sorts within your church community. As people enter, give them a card to fill out that includes their basic contact information, interests, and whether they are more interested in being a mentor or being mentored. At a specific point in the service, maybe after showing With You, people can come forward and put their card in one of two spots, depending on what they chose. After the service, a few volunteers or staff members can match up pairs of people and connect them. Schedule an event a few weeks later for the new mentoring matches to come and learn more about each other.


Worship Opener

This one seems simple and maybe too easy, but we’ve heard from folks who have used With You as a service opener. They say that people really engage with the song and it helps to raise the energy level in the room, which obviously helps with transitioning into a time of worshipping with music.


You can download “With You” here.


Once you download With You, we’d love to hear how you used it.  Let us know in the comments below.