Our latest release, Some People, is a timely encouragement to think about what the church could be if we lived like we believe that every person is worthy of love. Every. Person. Not just the ones who look, think, and act like us, but also the ones we tend to label as an “other”. Maybe we don’t classify those “others” as enemies, but we definitely see a line of division.

This mini-movie explores the idea that, although some people don’t seem to care about others, most people are working hard just to get by, and they deserve all of our love, patience, and grace. You know, how we also want to be treated?

In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can watch it now.


We’d like to share some ideas for using Some People in an upcoming worship service- check them out:

New Series or Message

This video is a great lead-in for a message about how to love in a world full of cynics and skeptics. Or hey- maybe this is a great time to start a new sermon series about this topic with your community. We would encourage you to remind folks that being a skeptic isn’t all bad… we need people who can use their minds and think critically, instead of believing everything they see and hear.

Who Makes You Bonkers?

Before playing the video, challenge people to think of someone who really just gets under their skin, or makes them feel crazy. You might even suggest a few types of people, such as extreme political or religious views, or those who root for an opposing football team, or someone who lives in a more pleasant climate. Keep it lighthearted, but help them to have someone in mind when they watch the mini-movie.

Pet Peeves

Another way to infuse humor, would be to preface the video by reading some of the world’s top pet peeves, as listed on this website: GetAnnoyed.com. Even if you don’t particularly want to read the list, you can just take a moment to laugh about the fact that this website exists.

In addition to, or perhaps instead of, this, you might post a poll on social media, asking people to share their top pet peeves about church (in general… maybe not about your particular church!). We did this, and let me tell you- the results are hilarious… here are a few things people mentioned to us:

  • The constant standing and sitting and standing and sitting.
  • The song lyrics on the screen .5 seconds behind. I’m always late starting that next verse.
  • When the usher with the giving basket makes eye contact with me. Awkward.
  • That new family sitting in our seats.
  • The part of the service when you have to turn and greet people around you: torture for introverts.
  • When people will not move to the center of the pew, resulting in folks having to climb over them to get a seat. Don’t hem me in!


As you can see, there are lots of way to use Some People in your upcoming services. We think it’s especially fitting for services about unity and celebrating our differences.