Imagine this:

You’re on the hunt for a new job. Tired of feeling overworked and under-appreciated in your current situation, you grab your phone and pull up Craigslist to browse the latest job postings.

Scroll, scroll, scroll… this is taking forever… You see a few vague titles, and finally decide to give in and click on this one: Help Wanted – Make an Eternal Difference! (Who doesn’t want to do THAT?) The ad reads:

“Now seeking full-time pastor for local community church. No experience necessary. Consider a career change today! Responsibilities include:

  • 24/7/365 availability (you get one week’s vacation, but don’t plan to turn off your phone, because someone might need you)
  • three sermons per week (Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night) not to exceed 20 minutes- with an invitation time at the end that leaves everyone feeling convicted but no one offended
  • four days per week in the office during church hours
  • counseling of church members and anyone who walks in the door with a question
  • leadership of all church committees
  • must enjoy spending time with teenagers and senior citizens
  • general maintenance of facility (plumbing is a must… do you think those toilets unclog themselves?)

Will give preference to candidates who can lead worship at a moment’s notice, have 2.5 perfect children, and/or married to a spouse who plays the keyboard. Salary is meager, but eternal rewards are unlimited. Serious candidates only. Call Today!”

Quickly, you turn off your phone and rub your eyes. Surely, they jest.

You think about your pastor, and how he has it so EASY compared to that job listing. Or does he? How much do you know about what goes on behind the scenes of his life?

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

We can’t think of anyone who deserves honor and appreciation more than the local church pastor. Our mini movie, Pastors Are Awesome, is a great way to say thanks to these amazing individuals who give so much and do their very best to point us toward Jesus.

Check it out: