The Brightest Star

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In July of 2015, one of Journey Box Media’s co-founders, Phil Grimes, received the worst news any parent can ever hear.

His 16 year old daughter, Olivia (Liv), had been killed in a tragic summer camp accident.

Liv was a force of nature, possessing a sharp wit, a brilliant mind and a maturity beyond her years.

Devastated beyond belief, family and friends gathered around them to provide the love and support they would need to honor Liv and celebrate her amazing life.

As they planned her Celebration of Life service, Phil was compelled to write a children’s story that reflected who Liv really was and how her life had impacted so many people .

The Brightest Star recounts the journey of a young star, also named Liv, who is given a very special choice at birth. She chooses to be the brightest star in the universe and as a result, she experiences an incredible life of friendship, love and generosity. Her choice also comes with an unexpected surprise and Liv’s response to that surprise provides a timeless message about the impact one life can make and how we can all shine even in the darkest of times.

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A timeless story of life, loss, and the legacy of love…



The Brightest Star was the perfect tribute to Phil’s daughter as it conveyed the personality, passion and purpose of Liv’s life in words even a child could understand.

Moreover, its universal message of hope even in the midst of heartbreak resonated with people, even those who did not know Liv personally.

For that reason, many people began requesting copies of the story to share with others. As a result, The Brightest Star was published in book form in July of 2016 with all profits from the sale of the book being donated to charity in memory of Liv. Countless stories have since emerged of people, young and old alike, who have been impacted by The Brightest Star.

Our hope is that by purchasing a copy of The Brightest Star you will not only help to build on Liv’s legacy of love, laughter and life, you will also choose to shine, shine, shine because someone in our world needs your light.

For more information, or to purchase a copy for yourself or someone you know (it makes a great Christmas gift!), click below.


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