The celebration and joy of a wedding is one of life’s greatest moments. It is full of smiles, dancing, and sweet moments.

With “True Love” we wanted to use that scene to tell the story about what happens later: love is hard work. It’s not all smiles and dances.

Below are some Valentine’s Day service ideas for using ‘True Love’ in your Sunday service before Valentine’s Day (or any Sunday on relationships and marriage).

Download ‘True Love’ here.

Visit your local pharmacy or department store and look for a few ridiculous Valentine’s Day greeting cards. In the film, there’s a line “not the greeting-card kind of love”. After the video read these cards and make the connection that even though humanity has turned love into an industry, we are commanded to love each other no matter what.

MAD LIB VALENTINE’S CARDSValentine's Day Church Mad Lib
Sometime’s it’s hard to know what to say to people, especially when it comes to love. Use Valentine’s Day to encourage your community to share their love for one another (not romantic love). To have some fun with the day and helm them get started, hand out a ‘Mad Lib’ Valentine Card. Give them a moment after the video to fill this out and give it to someone in their church at the end of the service.