My wife thought I was crazy. I drove 8 hours for a 3 day trip to record footage of an event that I had no idea how I would use.

The Start of Sacrifice by Journey Box Media

Sully Case, a student in the youth group I led years ago (seems like another life) had recently graduated from high school. He had also, just as recently, left for bootcamp to become a Marine. It had been weeks since he left, and I was traveling to Paris Island with his family to capture his graduation on film. I felt honored and nervous (as I do before most all of my film projects). Unsure if I would capture the right thing. Unsure what the right thing was.

All I knew was that this was a great moment in the life of a great family, and I wanted to tell that story somehow.

Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve had an inner struggle with the connection between the Church and patriotism. I grew up in a military family, so I have always respected the brave men and women and their families who sacrifice for my freedom. I am grateful to live in the US and for the freedom it brings.

However, as I grew older, I had an issue with the way many churches connect God and Country. They are both important parts of who we are as people. They both are deeply seeded and emotional topics.

When I started Journey Box Media, I didn’t want to become a producer to simply make videos for every little holiday that comes along. Journey Box Media’s mission is to create films that move people to live better stories.

So to make a Veterans Day video, I needed it to be different. To stay true to the Journey Box Media mission, it needed to connect with the emotions of the sacrifice.

It wasn’t until a year after I made the trip to Sully’s graduation that I figured out the right way to tell his story.

To honor the beginning. The start. The brave choice so many men and women make to give up their freedom to protect mine.

The Start of Sacrifice by Journey Box Media

This Veterans Day, I encourage you to honor our veterans by honoring their start- the first of many choices that took them down the road to heroism.